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How I learned to love the word "no"

I've been dog-sitting a shiba inu this week, and I've decided if you want really want to learn boundaries, shiba's are fine teachers.

This breed of dog reacts strongly to the word "no." They take it as a personal affront. They make good teachers because you have to be 100 percent committed to your boundary to set a limit with a shiba inu.

The problem most of us have with our boundaries, is we lack commitment to "no."

I believe commitment to our boundaries, our own rules, our own use of "no" are essential. I find it interesting that young children in every culture around the world develop a sense of "no" as toddlers. It is as if we are biologically equipped with refusal skills. In our backpack for life, all of us have an inner "no."

Whole cultures have developed to shake the "no" out of people. History proves again and again that humanity will find its way back to "no."

Having an inner yes and an inner n…