Thinking like a crow

I was jogging on Double Bluff Road and noticed lots of crows being busy. I stopped to watch them and saw they were carrying hazelnuts, one by one, big for a crow, and leaving the whole hazelnut in the road. Then they returned to the hazelnut trees. They were waiting for a car to pass and crack open the hazelnut.
This economy from 2008 to now nearing the end of 2012 has forced many many people to rethink their lives, their relation to their job, their money, etc. The economy has not "returned" as people had hoped or imagined. It is a new economy. Crows have adapted to what is in front of them. They are not able to open hazelnuts. It is not possible. Yet, they have found a way to open hazelnuts.
In therapy, sometimes we come to things that feel impossible.
Then we find a way.