Stress Relief- Relaxation CD

It is great to have something you can turn on in your head to turn off the stress.  I highly recommend a CD that has received some excellent reviews:  Your Present: A half-hour of Peace by Susie Mantell. Sometimes it is hard to turn off all the noise we hear inside. We can get lost feeling overwhelmed, or overly focused on something. Like the way a dog chews at a bone, sometimes we need help letting go of our thoughts and slipping into a place of restoration inside.
We all need time to restore.
This is a great CD to help with letting go of the busy, crazy mind.

What is bipolar and what does it feel like?

This can be an overwhelming diagnosis. I am convinced that when a person is bipolar they need the "name of what IT is".  It is crucial because without the word, a person who is bipolar can't explain to health care providers what they need. As a result , without the word, they are given the wrong medication, and they can find themselves dangerously suicidal and  or  in dangerous situations and unaware of the risks to themselves. In some ways, having the diagnosis is crucial to enabling a person to help explain to people around them, what they need.
People who are bipolar, need to be able to learn important life skills to care for themselves.Without the word or diagnosis, many people trying to "help" will do more harm than good. I believe that getting a bipolar person onto their own team for well-being is the most important step to living with this.  Correct medication can do wonders to improving how a person feels day in and day out. Therapy is essential  to understand the suffering and to care for oneself while feeling raw. It is also important to learn high risk signals and when to call for emergency help. Without these tools, resources, medication, imagine living with an exposed tooth nerve. It is like that. With medication, tools, support, and learning how to care themselves, life gets better.
Below is a link of Laura explaining the importance of  the diagnosis.

Wonderful Journal Concept

A friend gave me The Happiness Project Journal. I highly recommend this journal. It is a very simple concept. Write one sentence a day as an entry. Only one sentence. You can skip days, but really, you won't skip a day because it is too much work to write a sentence.
It makes you think about trying to save or hold just one thing from the day, before it scatters. Beautiful concept.