"There's the wind and rain
and the many stars that guide us
we have some of them inside us" song by Dar Williams

I believe that every single one of us has the wisdom we need inside of us. It's my job as a therapist to listen to your wisdom and help you to recognize it, become aware of it, and trust it.


Breakthroughs in therapy are achieved with dedication. There is a willingness to sit with what is intolerable and to learn. Depression is a teacher. Anxiety is a messenger. People put a lot of energy and effort into trying to get rid of depression. In therapy, we travel into it. It is often telling people things they don't want to hear. Things that seem unbearable. It takes time to learn to trust that perhaps some very big changes must be made to have a life that works better for you. If the depression goes unresponded to for too long, the brain can be affected with the chemistry. In addition to life changes, your brain will need you to take steps to restore it to a state of wellness.