My Little Dove

There is a little dove that sits on top of the pole outside of my office. We can hear the sweetest sounds from this dove during sessions. I wish this little dove knew how much comfort it was bringing to people in therapy. Between tears, people will say to me, "Do you hear a dove?" and I answer, "You are not crazy, there is a little dove that sits outside this office, and yes, you are hearing a dove."
Sound can be profoundly helpful to us while we are healing. And these little dove sounds are so appreciated.
There is a woman on our island that is a sound massage therapist. She incorporates all kinds of sounds as a form of massage. I found her cd's to be very therapeutic and I highly recommend them.
I met two women who are thanatologists, they visit hospitals and play harp music for people as they are dying. They explain that they tune their music to the breathing of the patient. Patients report that it relieves their pain.
And silence, the absolute quiet can also be healing. The silence of meditation, the quieting of everything.
I am thankful for this little dove who freely sits outside my office and seems to visit when needed.