People always ask me this, especially other therapists

People always ask me, "what is like to be a therapist in a small community?"
I received a phone call today from someone seeking counseling for their 18 year old. The mom of the 18 year old left me a message and I called her back, knowing my practice is full and I will need to refer her to someone else.
When I spoke to mom she said, " I live about an hour away from you, but when I was 17, you were my counselor."  (Oh my god!- How cool is that?!)
 "I remember how much I learned from you and wondered if you could see my 18 year old daughter?"
When she told me her  maiden name of course I remembered her. I also worked with her parents a long time ago, who are now the grandparents of the 18 year old.
She then went on to tell me exactly what she gained from therapy 25 years ago. Here is what I learned in therapy..... Believe me, I am always amazed when people report back decades later and tell me how much the work sticks with them.
We both knew it was 25 years ago to the month that I last saw her, because the last time she saw me she said I was pregnant and just about to have twins!
We laughed together and talked more.
That is what it is like to be a therapist in a small community. It is meaningful.
I choose it because of the interconnectedness.
I know the closeness is not for everyone, but I choose this intentionally.