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What if someone has a psychotic break from reality?

Every now and then I receive a call from someone who has had a significant break in their mind- it is like a bone breaking, except it takes place in the mind.
It is called a psychotic episode, or having a "breakdown", or going over the deep end.
Whatever you call it, when you see it or experience it, it is very serious and very scary.

How to recognize it:
1- The person is repeating a thought, over and over. It is like their mind is stuck going in a circle. They are repeating one or two sentences again and again.
2- The person is not making sense. The things they say are not logical. The things they say are bizarre in a way that people listening would be very concerned.
3- The person strongly believes their bizarre thoughts.
5. The person can't do life tasks. Things they used to do, they can't do.
6. You are worried they are so depressed they could kill themselves.

You don't need to see all 6 of the ways to recognize it.  Any of th…