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Finding Words to Talk about This

This is written for my friends at Tulalip, in support and love. It is also written for everyone touched deeply by the tragic shooting.
As we read brief public statements about Jaylen, a young 14 year old, who was beloved in his community and family and by all accounts a leader and rising star, we are struggling to understand what could trigger such an episode. As an entire community struggles through this with two teens dead and several critically wounded, we are all going to need to find the words to talk about this.
Our own struggle to find words is exactly what happens inside of a child or teen who is struggling with an emotion. They often can’t find the words.
Most of us can recognize very obvious clear signs of depression. But the truth is that depression in children and teens is completely different looking than in adults. It can be extremely hard to recognize. It can also take a long time for a child or teen to give us the words for what is going on inside.
Depression is even h…