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What Happens Next? Understanding Trauma

I am writing this in support of the many families and employers putting the pieces back together after a shooting in a high school.
It has been two weeks since the shooting, and the last child in critical care, passed away last night. Every child passing away, has torn our hearts open with grief. The grief is enormous. This is a time for tears.
And each time we grieve, we need to again find some way to hold ourselves together when we aren’t sure we can.
Our previous traumas may reopen and we seem to be lost in an old, but familiar place. A place that we thought had passed. It did pass, we did heal, but then we aren’t sure. The grief and sorrow can only be felt. That is all we can do with it. Feel it. It is like the weather. You can’t go outside and make it stop raining. You can’t ‘control” the grief. You just feel it. It holds on until is ready to let go. You can’t make it pass.
Sometimes people want to make the grief pass quicker or just go away. Getting angry or frustrated at grief…