Vitamin D and Your Mental Health

I am not a medical doctor, but the truth is that when I treat anyone experiencing depression or anxiety, I do send him or her to his or her primary care physician to check on a few basic things.

I request some tests to check: thyroid, blood sugar (glucose),  and Vitamin D and a few other things.

If you live in the northwest, or if you eat a vegan diet, you should check your Vitamin D level.

Research has shown people living in the northwest are not getting enough sunlight on their skin and are often very low on Vitamin D.

Insufficient levels of Vitamin D can affect your mental health.

Will more Vitamin D cure your depression?

It could make a very big difference, but anyone experiencing depression will need a more comprehensive strategy.  Vitamin D will absolutely need to be part of the strategy if your Vitamin D level is low.

I have seen low Vitamin D levels in several people coming to me to get relief from depression. Enough to make me check everyone.

You don’t need to be depressed to check your Vitamin D level, go ahead and take a proactive step. Check your Vitamin D level.

Let me know if you make a discovery.