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Traumatic Trump Disorder

If you have ever lived with someone who abused you, as a child or adult, or lived with someone who was paranoid and believed things that weren’t real but were convinced in their truth, so convinced they raged at any disagreement - then, you may be experiencing some trauma triggers. You in fact be feeling ill. Very ill.
Even people who aren’t survivors of abuse are feeling stunned, overwhelmed, and ill.
But I want to return to the people who have actually grown up and lived in households where you were raged at, confronted with paranoid delusions, and feared for your life if you disagreed with the person.
You are not crazy. You know what you are seeing. You may feel have difficulty expressing what you are feeling.
I want you to know a few things.
This is very scary. People are organizing and resisting this. You do not have to fight. You probably fought your whole life. It is ok to try and take care of yourself right now.
You do not need to take care of the whole country and the whole…