Traumatic Trump Disorder

If you have ever lived with someone who abused you, as a child or adult, or lived with someone who was paranoid and believed things that weren’t real but were convinced in their truth, so convinced they raged at any disagreement - then, you may be experiencing some trauma triggers. You in fact be feeling ill. Very ill.

Even people who aren’t survivors of abuse are feeling stunned, overwhelmed, and ill.

But I want to return to the people who have actually grown up and lived in households where you were raged at, confronted with paranoid delusions, and feared for your life if you disagreed with the person.

You are not crazy.
You know what you are seeing.
You may feel have difficulty expressing what you are feeling.

I want you to know a few things.

This is very scary. People are organizing and resisting this. You do not have to fight. You probably fought your whole life. It is ok to try and take care of yourself right now.

You do not need to take care of the whole country and the whole world.

The resistance is growing.

There are people who are feeling fierce and strong and ready to deal with this.

Right now, you need to take care of how you are doing. If you feel sick or are having headaches, or full of anxiety, it may be a good idea to take a break from watching this on the news.

It is also good to get some help. Counseling can help you manage with some of the trauma triggers you are feeling.

It is also ok to do some things that make you feel ok. If you have a hobby or interest, or like to walk in the woods. Do things that are gentle, safe, and peaceful. If you like to do art or play music, or cook. Stick with things that feel nurturing.

You do not need to apologize to anyone because you need a break. Taking care of yourself is not wrong. It is the best response for you.

It is ok to have boundaries.

 Anyone who has lived with stress of this sort knows it affects your immune system. It will not help you to try and ignore your feelings. Now is the time to take care of you.

The resistance is growing. The resistance is strong.

You can join when you feel able. But if you are having trauma symptoms, stop and take care of you. 

Fact: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is real. As of this writing we are not in a "post" situation. We are in an ongoing day by day situation. And it may be triggering trauma for some people.

Sarri Gilman is the author of Transform Your Boundaries.