Is the Squirrel at Your Door?

When I opened my cabin-office in the woods, I hoped the healing energy of the trees would support my clients, offering comfort and peace. You can see the trees from the large windows  in my office and a French glass door. "The cabin is surrounded by a cathedral of trees" said one of my clients.
What I did not think about was how all the woodland animals who live in those trees would participate in counseling at my cabin.

Yesterday, I stood at the French door and watched a squirrel digging right outside the door. A client came in and I asked him to stand by the door with me. We watched the squirrel digging. It was fast digging with both paws. Quick breaks and then more digging.

I thought the squirrel was going to pop something in the hole.
No, the squirrel poked her head in and pulled out some food she had buried. She looked at us with the prize in her mouth and then ran off.

I was amazed by the squirrel's timing. 
I said to my client, "All the work you have been doing to unbury a part of yourself, and this squirrel came at your session, right up the door."

After my client left, I thought about the squirrel. Unburying a part of yourself is painful, deep digging work. It's painful because this may be a part we have missed in our lives.  Sometimes this part challenges who we think we are. Unburying asks us many questions that require reflection, digging, digesting.

All the while, we are on the way to being more whole. 

If you are unburying yourself these days, may the squirrel be with you.