Go Outside- bring your brain!

Look at how your body is designed. You have senses, you have limbs, and you are on grounded on planet earth.  Our bodies and our brains are designed to interact with the "natural" world.  It is essential for your brain health to go outside. Take walks. Look at the sky, watch the sunset, notice the frost on the leaves on the ground. Listen to the birds, the sound of waves, the rain. 
I live in a beautiful place, surrounded by incredible natural beauty and I take advantage of this every day. I encourage people all the time, go outside. It is great for your brain. If you are struggling with depression, daily walks outside will support your recovery. Look for something beautiful. Photograph the beauty that you see so you can retrieve that energy, the high, from seeing it. You can also do some journaling or drawing from the photo.
These red and green frost-tipped leaves filled my entire being with a sense of fulfillment. I felt satiated and full just looking at them. It reminded me as we enter the holiday season, to not get too focused on shopping and buying things, but to appreciate the fall and winter outside, the beauty that is free.