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See the documentary FED UP

Why am I writing about this?

Weight is an issue that people often want to work on in therapy.
How does therapy impact weight?
It doesn’t.No one ever lost a pound in my office from talking.
However, therapy can help you make a plan, work on motivation issues, reduce stress, reduce overworking, increase self care and develop skills needed to make decisions and follow through with your plan, and other issues that may be impacting your food choices.
Working with a therapist can help you customize a plan for you.Sometimes a therapist will help you build a team and use a holistic approach with psychotherapy to address specific issues in your life and maybe involve a nutritionist, healthcare provider, trainer, physical therapist, books to read, movies to watch, etc.
Sometimes there are issues to address around how you support yourself to face such a big challenge.
Most people suffer from weight issues for 4 reasons: a)Addiction to sugar b)Eating too much c)Needing exercise to use food mor…